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Photo by Jared Brown

"If you're feeling stuck or blocked Hilary is your girl! She uses alternative approaches to get to the core issues and then ultimately helps you move past them. I just saw her a week ago and I'm already seeing a difference. Thanks Hilary!" Nicole, Roseville CA


"HIlary did so many amazing things to me, I can't even begin to tell it, you will just have to experience it for yourself, to feel the magic.  There is no start and no finish, it just is....." Marcella, Auburn CA


"Compared to other teachers in the subject(s) of spirit, Hilary's knowledge and experience into her variety of classes turn into high speed, streaming enthusiasm. I will occasionally repeat her '101' classes for refresher and the added bonus - beyond the basics, when the questions come, she'll occasionally spike into expert discussion.
She will often match the overall energy of the class, going into overtime. Her classes finally come to completion, after all have come to the full saturation of receiving all of that information. For Hilary and her interactivity I'm inclined to say, "After hearing her talk, now all those books are beginning to make sense." Additionally, personally for me, her talks begin to motivate me from book knowledge into the experiential. If I could compare Hilary to other teachers, I'd probably begin to rank her up there with the seminar teachers, corporate or otherwise. I project however, that if she were using a planned powerpoint presentation, that she may wildly deviate from it. I'm pretty sure it'd be a surprisingly good deviation, though.

Hilary's Personality Evaluation can come with bursts up to 100 miles/minute. You need to record what she tells you."

Ben, Sacramento CA


"After doing an Empowerment Process with Hilary yesterday, a Belief Processing Technique, today I went to work and my boss said twice, "are you wearing lip stick, and rouge?". I don't wear make up. "It looks like you have make up on, you have color on your lips and cheeks". I can't believe it is already starting. How crazy. Hilary, thank you so much! Thank you for discovering your gifts, so you can help all of us discover ours. Much love and a big hug!"

Lauren, Citrus Heights CA



"Hilary you are extremely inspiring and I hope you always continue on the path of leading women to realize their power and gifts. Our society fails in providing us with this knowledge. You Emotional Processing Through Dance Class is paving the way in it's field! I took a Workshop in Somatic Therapy and I realized I haven't experienced anything like it except with you. When I look back at all of the amazing things you offered at Passion, the unique exercises you provided were what I loved the most." - Gina, Milwaukee WI


"This Bodywork was a Beautiful Experience, I experienced great visuals and connection to Spirit" Derek, CA


"All I can say, is that no one gave me better massage than you. You are passionate about what you are doing. By making my body feel good you make my soul feel good." Paulina S, Los Angeles CA

"Hilary was both personable and professional.  She made me feel much better, on a day that was especially rough for me" Eileen, Elk Grove CA


Hilary, you have wonderful classes, skills, and sessions.  If I could pick only one person to give me body work for the rest of my life, it would be you (and I've had some very good people)." Heather, Nevada City CA



"Thank you so much Hilary, your voice is relaxing and enlivening at the same time. My body is tingling with this new energy"- Ila, Boulder CO



"Hilary is wiser than her years" - Floria, Carmichael, CA


"I Always learn from Hilary. This class was interesting. Glad I went" - Mark P,  Grass Valley CA



"My experience with Hilary has been life changing, I have grown so much as a Person in the last year. An few months ago I decided I was really ready to move forward an never look back. She makes you feel at home with her processes, very comfortable to be around. When you're ready for a complete change she's the one",  Brittany, Citrus Heights CA


"The massage I had can only be described as an "out of body" experience.  I was a little worried at first, but that was quickly put to ease once she began her work.  From head to toe, I could feel tension, stress, and pain melt away with every touch.  With every motion, I could feel my entire body tingle.  I am completely moved at amazing the entire experience was.  Her first session has made me a lifetime customer!" Keegan, Auburn Ca.


"Hilary was professional and genuinely concerned about my physical and spiritual well-being.  She went out of her way to take a holistic approach to correcting my problems" Anthony, Los Angeles, Ca


"I was unsure what would be performed during the massage though I felt comfortable.  When she started singing my head vibrated.  The whole thing ended up bringing me to reality and brought out my senses" Ariel, Auburn, CA.


"I really enjoyed Hilary's unconventional techniques.  Felt great afterward." Melissa, Auburn CA


"It was different, but good.  She gave me great advice", David, Sacramento, Ca


"Very relaxing and effective" Val, Auburn, CA


"Hilary is graceful, intuitive, fun, knowing, expressive, love and light", Coworkers, Tre Bella Salon and Spa


"What a Great Expereince!" Janet, Auburn Ca


"Amazing!" Valerie, Auburn, CA


"Great! I felt really tense and when I left I felt relaxed, not sure I've felt that relaxed before in massage.  Will be back to experience again" Jason, Yuba City Ca


"Thanks so much! What a wonderful experience! Hilary was great at making me feel comfortable.  She wanted to give me info but wasn't pushy about it, love that! " MV, CA


"Awhile back I had a Groupon for a relaxation massage. I came to see you and used it, it was an unusual experience and I wasn't sure quite what to make of it but after going home I felt a complete peace had washed over my entire body, I felt almost a floating sensation...that feeling lasted for many weeks. I find myself once again sensitive to stress and tension and I'm hoping to schedule another session with you" Lillie, Auburn CA

""Elements of Health/Hilary has helped me enjoy life more.  I don't worry as much, I am able to let go of things much easier.  My sleep has improved as well.  It is a gift to my health, which is in turn a gift to my family.  Well worth the time (every other week for 6 months) and financial commitment (I originally had reservations about the last part)!"  Suesan, Grass Valley, CA

"Hilary is amazing! It had been an eye opening experience working with Hilary.  I was looking for alternative solutions to help with my struggles with anxiety and she was able to help me. through Emotional Processing and Bodywork with Energy Work.  Hilary is a kind soul and she creates a very positive experience!" Mandy, Auburn CA

"I went to see Hilary because I heard so much about her.  She was phenomenal.  It was a full mind, body, and soul experience.  I look forward to another visit" Julie, Auburn, Ca 

"I have been working with Hilary over the last 6 months and she has made a positive deep impact on my spirituality and learnings. She is a pleasure and easy to work with while being extremely effective in the processes we work on together. I recommend her to anyone who has an interest in becoming your full potential. Thank you Hilary ❤️" Bonnie, Grass Valley CA

"My experience with Hilary has been life changing, I have grown so much as a person in the last year. A few months ago, I decided I was really ready to move forward an never look back. She makes you feel at home with her processes, she is very comfortable to be around. When you are ready for a complete change,  she's the one." Brittany, Rancho Murieta/Ione CA

"Hilary Jordan, what an amazing woman and teacher of truth.  In just a few short months she has taught me the most profound things about myself and the human condition.  I now understand and can transform my emotions (including my deepest fears) into love.  I will be forever grateful for Hilary's unconditional spirit and non-judgemental ways of explaining the hard stuff.  I would highly recommend her to anyone on the path of discovering their higher self and the deeper meanings of Truth, Light and Love energies.  There is no love without compassion.  There is no compassion without love."

Lily, Marysville

Are you ready to be done with "coping", and heal in a real way from inside to out?
  The good news is that your real self is naturally attracted to Enlightenment, Love, Happiness, Stability, Health, Abundance, Knowledge, Wholeness! The seed of Truth, The Real You is already inside you.  That is why you desire Truth, Health, and Real Expression of Who you are. 
The reason you are on earth is to recognize and live truth, love and accept yourself and everything that is, and let go of whatever is in the way of your pure essence and real expression!  
Old habits, confusion, unconscious action, collective consciousness, environmental toxins, basic fear of the lie of separation; all become blocks that keep energy from flowing through you.  We repress, contradict, confuse, sabotage, cloud, close down without knowing it.  We cover up vulnerability, avoid pain, fear, confusion, "bad" feelings, and unconsciously build walls.  We want to be in control, but the truth is our ego never will be, our Big Self is already in control!
I will help you pull the "problem" out from the root instead of putting a band-aid on.  It is amazing how much better this feels, true health,  and how fast and easy it can actually be.   This authentic process can take longer than taking a drug or doing surgery, but it is Real healing.  It is fun for me to help you transform and Integrate greater Open-ness, Happiness, Real Love. I can use many tools on the soul level, mental, emotional, energetic, physical and collective levels. I have some favorites, and they work! I am integrous and consistent! 
- Hilary
The mission of Elements of Health is to use techniques (and Elements), with compassion, to empower each unique person be in real health and integrity with their true Self.  True Self is a natural state, feeling loved and loving, connected to Source.  I address each "problem" at the level of "the body" it is showing up in, (mental, emotional, energetic, physical)!  These tools have been gathered over quite a long learning journey, since 1997 to be exact. 

Real Health means that all of our bodies: soul, mental, emotional, energetic, physical are integrated and working together as a whole, unified with our Source, flowing freely. 

Our Soul is part of greater Unity, but it is like a unique snowflake.  The soul has a feeling of separateness (which is ultimately untrue) and creates experiences based on habits of mind: this is the Mental Body, which is connected to individual karma and is largely unconscious.  This Mental body creates the Emotional Body which is largely repressed.  The Emotional Body creates the Energetic body, and the Energetic Body creates the cells of the Physical Body. This in turn creates the Collective Human Body on Earth. This is why digging deep and letting go on mental and emotional levels, can create real physical results, especially when done consistently over time. 


In real health, we do not just simply feel good for a couple of hours, our soul shines through all of these bodies permanently unimpaired. You do not have to believe in the paradigm I present, you only have to briefly trust me and be open enough for me to work with you, and then see what your experience is.  


This chart below illustrates what I learned on my journey of 20 years of studying in schools and with teachers, looking deeply into the question: What is Health?

"I feel lighter and many people have noticed.  I'm genuinely laughing rash is almost completely gone.  And it is only 3 days after we did an Empowerment Process with Emotional Processing.  I'm truly blessed and appreciate having you in my life.  I'm going to make a point to come have massage work done in the next couple of weeks.  Thank you for helping me come back to me.  My tears of pain have switched to tears of joy with laughter and isn't this what we all strive toward? It is truly when we make the decision that everything falls into place.  I believed you could help me do it, I had no idea how fast it would happen, and how good I could feel.  I hope others see it and will desire it too.  It's truly amazing. :) <3 " Dee, Colfax CA


"Hilary is able to recognize contraction in the body, mind and soul to gently and deeply create room for expansion and alignment. The grace and health that results from her skill and sensitivity is transformational."​ -Deborah, Kapahi HI​


"​In the last several years, I’ve felt stuck, frustrated, and just a sense of being out of whack.  Then I discovered Hilary Jordan. She has changed my life all for the better.  And, we’ve only just begun.  My friends have seen the change as well.  Hilary is a very talented, knowledgeable, caring person with a wealth of information she readily shares.  She has guided me on my life’s path and taught me how to stand in “My Truth.”  My life is becoming happier and healthier all because of her guidance.  I’ve recommended Hilary to all of my friends and to anyone who is ready to change their life for their own betterment and that of the world around us.  Thanks, Hilary, for being here for me and changing my life.  You will always have a special place in my heart"; Jan, Rancho Cordova CA​


"Hilary, you are amazing.  I really appreciate what you did last night. I'm feeling transformation.  Thank you." - Justin, Milwaukee

"I have not had many massages in my life, but, were I to have more, they would all be given by Hilary. It is truly a wonderful, relaxing, and even pain relieving experience from a beautiful and spiritual soul. Thank you, Hilary". Alexandra, Sacramento CA​

"After years of massage experience I found Hillary Jordan to be a naturally gifted masseus. She possesess in innate gift of feeling the clients problem areas and working on them at the perfect pressure. I have found her to be extremely proffessional, nurturing and qualified. I highly recommend Hillary for any type of bodywork." BH, Perth​​

"The massage was very professional, and I was able to release buried emotions...." DJM, Fairfield IA


"Hilary did an amazing job tapping into my body's present needs.  Thank you" Randy, Colfax, Ca


"Seemed to go very deep in this experience, had a variety of body sensations. When Hilary would sing it felt like I could fly.  The singing was wonderful.  Hilary is informed and warm and caring.  I lost 3 pounds in the days after working with Hilary and my sinuses drained, I released some sadness, things definitely shifted.  I could not wait to come back for another experience.  Thank you Hilary." Kelly, Ulta, Ca


"I really feel like you are releasing what needs to be released, what I need for continued healing, and you verbally clarified where I am on several levels. Now that I am moving, I will miss my monthly sessions.  " Joanne, Arizona


"Hilary explained everything to me before the massage.  I had a wonderful very calming and energizing experience.  She really puts a lot of energy into it" Deborah Auburn CA


"Relaxing and therapeutic" Lianne, Auburn CA 


"I had anxiety today prior to coming here and now I feel amazingly relaxed!" Kim W, Auburn CA


"Hilary is a one of a kind therapist with so much knowledge and experience. I have had Belief Processing, Chart Readings, and Bodywork from her, all are excellent! I have never had a massage quite like hers, its so much more than just touch. She uses many alternative techniques that are effective and so healing. The belief processing is my favorite because its similar to psychology and counseling but much deeper, definitely a holistic approach. Check her out!! She offers so many different experiences" Kat, Auburn CA.

"I have never felt anything like this. Serious deep healing. I will be recommending Hilary to anyone who will listen. She has the most beautiful gift." Ashley, Auburn Ca

"I really want to try to do this once a month now, for maintenance" Joe, Quincy Ca

"Several years back, for my birthday, friends gave me a massage with Hilary.  I just treated myself finally last week, and it was great! It was certainly not just about the muscles.  If anything, it was more about touching deeply rooted ideas.  Thank you for all your love Hilary."

Karen, Oakland

"Hilary does a deep dive that pushes me to focus and engages me in transformation.  I stop thinking about every other thing because her method is very good.  She pulls me into a concentration point and I feel deeply transformed."

Isaac, Alabama


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