CONTACT HILARY: 530-210-6592.
Hilary is part of a team at Yoga Well studio, owned by Sarah Molaro.  Sarah and Hilary also co-direct the Nevada County Dance Collective.  Yoga Well is at 768 South Auburn Street Grass Valley, CA 95945.  
Yoga Well is a down to earth Yoga studio which offers personalized attention and a "scene" only for real health and creative authenticity. There are all types of Yoga classes, Healing Workshops, Acrobatic Yoga,  Ballet etc.    Hilary teaches Ballet for adults on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 6pm and 10:30, and Basic Modern Dance at 5:15 on Thursdays.  She co-teaches Acrobatic Yoga for adults on Tuesday from 6-7:15pm. 
Private healing sessions are done on Mondays at 5, friday afternoons, sometimes saturday, sunday.  Please explore further pages for Hilary's services and classes.  She does Emotional Processing, Spiritual Counseling, Chart Readings, Bodywork and Energy Healing, Ayurvedic Holistic Health. 
These services can be done over the phone: Intuitive Chart and Oracle Card Readings,  Sound Healing with Energy Work, Emotional Processing, and Belief Work.  You'll be surprised at how well it works! 
Text or call (number above), or email  She offers many discounted program options for coming regularly: 10% to come once a month! And if you want fast progress because you are in a crisis, consider coming every week, for 6 weeks for 15% off.  Your first appointment is 20% off.  if you are confused just ask, she can move you through services for optimal progress easily.  She sells Gift Certificates.   Appointments must be scheduled 24 hours in advance, and there is a cancellation fee of 35$, for less than 24 hours notice of Cancellation or No Show. 
If you have ideas for classes or would like to see the class list, please check the classes page of this website,, ElementsOfHealthHilary on Facebook or text Hilary.  Hilary is rarely on twitter, but is hilaryselementsofhealth on Instagram.
ABOUT HILARY: Hilary has 15 years experience doing  bodywork & energy work.  She has been doing emotional and belief work herself for 11 years, and facilitating shifts for other people for 8 years.  She has past life memories of doing Energy Work, Bodywork, Druidry and Herbalism. Using Intuition and helping people shift emotions, beliefs and energy has been a passion since mentor Dan Swartz  taught her this stuff, 11 or 12 years ago.  Gayleen Haynes Gibson, another mentor at Tre Bella spa, got Hilary to sing in order to resolve an energy situation in the building, and then encouraged her to sing in all her sessions because she believed it is a sound healing, helping energy move with frequency.  Hilary's Human Design Chart (which she studied with close friend and mentor Carol Lee) says that her intuition is her Authority, the means of truth through which to make all decisions, and get all information.    Hilary has always been a dancer, and worked with the body.  She has always been aware that we are all eternal essence, not just bodies.  As a child she was convinced that if her friends changed their attitude, it would change their entire reality.  The value of experience, and commitment to following through, is one of Hilary's strengths, along with orientation at the heart.   We have been tolerating a dark patriarchy and inertia of ignorance for an entire period of time, which included an orientation through mind.
Hilary has been on a journey of healing and spirituality since 1997, when she was 19.  She learned Progressive Relaxation, Transcendental Meditation, studied Psychology, Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Tai Chi, The Enneagram, Psychophysiology, Autogenic Training, Self-Hypnosis, The Blood Type Diet, Ayurveda, Raw Food, and The Enneagram.  She was a Holistic Health Intern at San Francisco State University.    She studied Vedic Astrology while at Maharishi University of Management, and has since had fun studying Human Design. She has a BA in Holistic Health, Psychology, Dance and Theater from San Francisco State University and a BA in Physiology (Ayurvedic emphasis) and a Masters in Vedic Science from Maharishi University of Management, where she meditated in The Golden Dome of Pure Knowledge and read Sanskrit for 6 hours a day.  She has a Certificate in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation from California College of Ayurveda, certificates from  Just For Your Health College of Massage in San Jose, California and Guiding Light School of Massage in Fairfield, Iowa.  She was part of the Invincible America Assembly of Meditators in Fairfield, Iowa for 2 years.  While in Fairfield, Hilary attended a weekly meeting of practitioners who talked about extraordinary spiritual experiences and awakenings, and this is when she met mentors Tom Traynor and Rory Goff.  During this time she felt a change in physiology, and noticed spiritual experiences.  She then explored Byron Katie's teachings, EFT Tapping with Tom Traynor, and Rory Goff's "Wavicle Work".  She studied Radical Forgiveness and  Julia Cameron's "The Artist's Way" with Carol Lee and became certified in  Janet Swartz's "Empowerment Process".  She uses Janet and Rory's "belief processes" (for short) often.  She feels strongly that shifting beliefs and emotions can eventually eliminate some of the need for heavy physical remedies, prevent serious disease, due to her experience of healing her own health conditions.  She has extensively used Human Design, Vedic Astrology, and The Enneagram as a combined reading to help people understand themselves better.  Hilary has a Certificate in Deeksha (The Oneness Movement Blessing), an energy blessing/transfer.  She was Nationally Licensed for Massage, now holds a California Massage Therapist License.   She has certificates in "Creative Dance Psychology", "Zumba" and has taught ballet, jazz, modern, tap, and a class she created called "Emotional Processing Through Dance" as well as producing and directing many dance and performing arts shows.  She has facilitated 3 courses of "The Artist's Way" for groups in Roseville, Auburn, and Grass Valley and has done the full process 5 times herself.  This was the first subject of conversation when she met Sarah Molaro, in whose Yoga studio she now operates Elements of Health, and with whom she now directs Nevada county Dance Collective and teaches Dance and Acro-Yoga at Yoga Well.  Hilary has her own Health Model, Energy Work, Emotional Processing Technique,  Manifestation Process, and classes.​  She is a member and distributor of Young Living Essential Oils and Maharishi Ayurveda Products.  She has also studied Crystals, Druidry, Myth.  For 5 years she has been emersed in Real Tantra of relationship, Adyota Yoga and 7th Stage Enlightenment teachings, with her amazingly precious and powerful personal Guru, Satya Ama Adyota, a complete gem among teachers on earth.  She also spent 2.5 years at Tre Bella Spa in Auburn where she learned a lot about energy and essential oils from Gayleen Haynes Gibson, a gifted energy healer.  She is always considering writing a book about emotions for children and teenagers.  Some of her dance, meditations and classes can be seen on youtube at hilaryshealthelements and other channels.  Hilary loves people and helping them, every step is a creative adventure.

© 2012 and 2018 by Hilary Jordan

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