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"I've had four sessions with Hilary. Each session has been a catalyst for feeling my feelings sooner, with acceptance and even love. Imagine losing fear and judgment of what you are feeling, feeling it fully and sooner, before it creates stress.  It's one thing to sit with feelings and honor what one is experiencing. it's an even greater gift to begin to experience self-love in the midst of ANY feeling. This work allows emotional baggage to be released innocently, simply by allowing oneself to acknowledge what one feels within oneself. This is expanding my capacity to experience my own life in a bigger way.  The triggers in life are endless, and yet they are only triggers. This emotional processing separates your story from your emotion and thereby empowers you to transform the ONLY person you have any control over. I'm learning to notice what is going on inside me quickly and BE with that. The emotional processing is a great tool,  Hilary is able to guide, stay with you and bring her insights into your process, to give you a powerful seed statement to use to integrate the healing into your body"--Wendy, Iowa, 2013

"Hi Hilary.  I just wanted to remind you of how awesome a person you have been in my life.  I had a full on panic attack the other day and was able to coax myself right out of it, with some introspection, and continuing my practice you taught me with the help of your videos.  Real healing is happening, and that's a first for me I think! Tonight I feel peaceful, joyful even.  Have a wonderful weekend Hilary" -Ryan, Sacramento Ca 2021


"I really like the practice, thank you, it helps my day" Hilda, Sacramento, 2021

Hilary offers these to assist with Emotional Health:


*Intuitive Sound Healing with Energy Work 

*The Emotional Processing Technique


        Emotions are generally repressed, thereby becoming so called "negative" sensations, which I see as baggage in our emotional bodies, stuck to our beliefs/mental structures.  Alot of this repression is because we judge ourselves for having feelings and emotional responses to life.  God does not judge us.  I do not look at this subject judgementally.  Ability to feel is a sign of open-ness instead of numbness.  


      Many of us have taken on emotional cleansing, for the collective, as part of our "dharma" or divine job which means that we feel more, or have to feel through collective, family, ancestral emotions. We become an example for others.  "Empaths" are in fact not victims, but just more equipped to feel through things more immediately, to be more healthy and enlightened, if they decide to use the power they have been given, instead of believe they are a victim.  


       Much of our emotional repression is unconscious resistance to being in pain, which is understandable, but it is the resistance to feeling that is causing us pain, not the emotions themselves.  It causes us extra energy to resist, even we have always done it and don't know we're doing it.  The extra energy used to repress, could be used instead to give energy to be engaged in life.  Repressed emotion can effect our mental state, energy, physical body, create disease, warp relations to loved ones....  ​​


     Scientists have found that our emotions actually change our electro-magnetic field (the energetic body) and there have been numerous correlations in studies now between emotional repression and diseases (studies about cancer for instance).  On the positive side, we are starting to understand that the more emotions are neutralized, beliefs cleared and attachment neutral, the easier it is to manifest any reality we would like to live on earth. 

​       Repressed emotions can create jagged vibrations that are not in harmony with our intentions.   We don't know why our intention isn't having the effect we thought it would. Hilary's emotional processing helps us to learn how to be conscious of our feelings and  to "release" them, it frees up energy to move.  All we are doing is re-programming our brains, with experience and understanding, and commitment to practice this has created huge change for many.  It can take years to truly master this, but it can be an extremely relieving experience the first time we do it.  Just like any consciousness technique, it is simplistic, therefore extremely powerful.   


    Hilary was mentored in this practice for years.   ​She empowers people by teaching them this practice, that they can do for their entire lives by themselves, to change their relationship with their own experience of self and environment.  

​    Unconscious patterns can become conscious, we can experience  the "positive" side of "negative" feelings. There is a gift within every "negative" feeling.  


      If you are dealing with something difficult, she would like to be invited to help.  If you are having suicidal thoughts or tendencies, or violent behaviors toward yourself or others, you need to call a suicide hotline, or see a Mental Health Professional first before coming to see her.     

       Sometimes Emotional Processing is easiest when we are already triggered by a situation, because we can then already feel a feeling in our body.  Eventually we are able to feel any feeling that needs to be felt.  If we feel a slight shadow of something emotional, we can do this process to prevent more things happening to us to trigger us. 


   Life gives us what we need, and if we need to feel something we have been repressing or running from, in order to expand as an individual, life will give us a trigger so that we are forced to integrate that feeling into our larger experience. In truth we are every feeling, the Unity, and our identity is not just one feeling of control, or what we think happiness is.​​

    Life is easier and lighter when we're ready and willing to feel everything right away.  Acceptance is the best medicine. What we resist persists. 

    Some feelings are extremely uncomfortable at first, some can even can feel like pain or "death", so it is important that we have compassion for ourselves.  Self-loving behaviours and techniques will always expedite the process, make it easier. If we were fully loving ourselves all the time we would not experience anything as suffering.  Our degree of ease of feeling and acceptance, is directly proportional to the amount of self love we have at a deep level.  Our end goal is an ultimate state of self-love that is permanent.  If a feeling is completely overwhelming, to the point where we can barely handle it, that is a sign of "release".  My mentor called this the "saturation point".   If we have faith, continue relaxing into the feeling, while feeling Wholeness/Higher Self/Being, it becomes more comfortable and moves faster. 

    Anything dealt with in small moments of being in the present is easier.  Emotions have been repressed (in a collective sense for thousands of years on earth), because we did not have the capacity to deal with them in our previously smaller conception of ourselves.  

    When something comes up we are ready to integrate that into ourselves, otherwise life would not give it to us.  But help is always available to us, and really no one should be without help.    It is through bravery and innocence with confronting "bad" feelings, or pain, that we actually "get rid of them".  This process has also been called "surrender" in spiritual texts, or "receiving".  Hilary is certainly not the first one to understand these principles, and she thanks her mentor and Guru and other teachers, for all the help and understanding she recieved. 

     It is important also to not avoid or repress Joy, it is indeed the natural state of life: underneath everything is love-bliss, even when there are bad feelings or pain present.   


    In Chinese Medicine, too much joy is considered imbalance, this might be describing trying to stay on a "high" all the time and not allowing for moderation.

     Some ideas for self-loving practices while integrating difficult emotions are below, but are unique to each individual. 

     There are emotional toxins in our world atmosphere, which is why at this time the emotions that some experience seem more intense than ever in history, we are growing greatly in consciousness as a planet and quickly. This means that anything that has been ignored needs and wants to be felt right away, this is how to stay in good health. 


      Some generations seemed to take on more of this work than others, for the good of the collective.  ​Generation X, Y, and Z, are more sensitive, empathic, and it is part of their generational purpose or "dharma". It is also easier for them to do, because they are more open. Generation X has had to process much of the negativity that was avoided by The Baby Boomers and was propagated and not understood by previous generations.  This has created a seeming higher incidence of difficult times, addiction, diseases, unacheived dreams in this Generation.  Generation Y/Millenials came in with more whole DNA than previous generations, and they are more naturally in their heart all the time.  Because the world has undergone now a massive increase in vibration, this technique is starting to not be unique anymore.  This is a very positive situation starting to happen for the world, though most people have still not been taught sustainable emotional strategies.  Hilary is planning a book on this topic.    

Self-Loving activity Ideas to do in addition to Emotional Processing
​Aroma Bath
Outside Meditation with feet on the grass
Tea drinking ritual
Candles with a good book
Writing Loving Messages to ourselves
​Setting up a nice atmosphere in our space to Meditate or watch a favorite movie
read a favorite book​
​get a massage
listen to soothing sounds/music

Giving ourselves space and time is a powerful symbolic message that the brain understands. Create an atmosphere that has nurturing energy for you.  Instead of something you see as "productive", try something which enhances your enjoyment of life, especially while going through feelings.   This has also been called an "Artist's Date" or "Self-Care".

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