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" Hilary is an amazing energy worker, I highly recommend her",  December 03, 2015

"Hilary is very professional and friendly and makes you feel very comfortable and shares valuable information" November 03, 2015

     Energy is what physical matter is made of.  Energy, as Quantum Physics tells us, is at the basis of everything we see in front of us that seems solid.  Energy is the grey area between the physical and the non-physical.  Energy is the reason why we often feel something before it turns up physically in a test, or feel sensations that we can't explain. Energy can even be the reason why we like certain places and people; and don't like others.   Our Energy Body connects our emotional and mental bodies to our physical body.  The way we function energetically, powerfully effects our physical and emotional health.  Some people see energy, some hear it, some feel it.  Many feel that they do not experience energy at all, though quite a few of these people can notice an effect from energy work or meditation, or the energy a person has and how that effects others. Many of these people can even notice energetic changes in periods of time or in plants and animals, and maybe just not call it that.  
     Energy Work as a whole really is as simple as an intention and feeling, but it is a subtle plane of existence, its own world entirely.  Hilary feels energy and works with simple intention, siddhis, invocations, blessings, accepting, loving and feeling. 
      Hilary can do:
*Intutive Sound Healing
*Deeksha Blessing,
*Her own Elemental Energy Work,
*Energy Work with the Emotional Processing Technique
*Invocations of the Seven Sacred Flames
*Energy Work inspired by Rory Goff's "Wavicle Work",
*Universal Love blessing
*the energy of gemstones
In bodywork she does the first 5.
  As well, Hilary can observe your energetic patterns that have been created in your energy field, can tell you observations about your relationship with the world if you are interested.
   Hilary was personally taught and mentored in Energy Work by Daniel Isaac Swartz.  She also had education in this area by her massage teacher, Joy Mellum, and Tre Bella Spa Owner Gayleen Haynes-Gibson, and is lucky to be eternal student of her Guru, Satya Ama Adyota, who she invokes every time she does energy work, the most powerful source of energy Hilary has ever met.
   Deeksha Blessing was given to her by the Oneness Community and Sri Bhagavan in a special training in 2010. This is about Deeksha Blessing:
"“The Oneness Blessing is an energy transfer that causes a neurobiological change in the brain that reduces the power of the ego and connects us with spirit. It results in a growth in consciousness by creating a shift in the perception and experience of life. It is a non-denominational experience that awakens our connection with the oneness in everything, allowing each of us to deepen our relationship with those we love, with ourselves, and with all that is.”  It is a blessing which is not unlike any that happens when we fully submit ourselves to The Light-Love of our Higher Self.  
          Hilary's own Elemental Energy Work she remembers first applying when studying Ayurveda after and massage training in 2004.  It is related to Ayurveda because it has to do with the elemental building blocks of life that make up your physical body.  It seems to have been a knowledge that she came to earth with, it had no real beginning that she can remember, past life regressions confirm that she has been doing something like this for a very long time.   She is infinitely grateful to her Guide, Daniel Swartz, for helping Hilary to fully remember and access her innate skills, as well as bringing elemental manifestation verses from the Veda to both of our attention, for examination and practice. 
    She is also infinitely grateful to Gayleen Haynes-Gibson for accessing Hilary's sound healing ability, in order to clear negative psychic entities.  A client and other soures have confirmed that this sound healing is a tradition from an ancient time and place called Lemuria, and is a way that people used to charge crystals with vibration for healing.  The most important thing is that sound healing releases trapped emotions and discordant vibrations in the body, to help allign the cells with their innate ability for health. 
     After Energy Work with Hilary:
some have testified that they saw or experienced colors, deep profound relaxtion, a feeling of being cleansed, moved, cleared, or nurtured. Some people felt feelings of elation or releasing buried emotion with sound healing, and some people actually visibly vibrate during sound healing sessions.  Some also make sounds or fall into a deep apparent sleep that they later report was somewhat aware.  Some fall asleep and feel nothing, and some people have more experience of it after it is over. Some have said that things in their body and their emotions continued to change and shift for up to a week afterward.  Some people say they feel amazing, and have an experience which fades quickly afterward. Some people have seen orbs or felt sweetness.  Elemental Energy work and sound healing with Hilary usually includes stones or crystals that are used physically and energetically and placed on the body.  
   Everyone has healing streams of grace coming at them from the divine, all the time.  To be healed by this, all we need is to be open to that.  Spiritual practices help us to become more subtle feelers of energy work and be benefitted by this work because they sharpen our tools and refine our systems.  
      Hilary has never done any harm to anyone on her table with energy work.  Her Human Design chart highlights that most of most people's energy physcially cycles through her system and goes back to them.  In this definition, she does not have much of her own energy, so she cannot put her own energy "into" anyone.  She also cannot  and does not permanently "take" anyone's energy.  She has very good boundaries.  She can facilitate energy transfer, openness to Universal Healing, and set intentions for qualities, and this can be amplified by the person's own energy and intentions, and will work however it is meant to. 
​       In some ways all energy work is the same thing, all from Unity, yet Unity breaks up into infinite unique is as unique as each concept and person.​​​​  There is far more to energy work than just the popular Reiki, for instance.
     For Energy Work, check the services page.  She does it in
*30 min segments, or
*as part of a Massage or
*an hour of Emotional Processing.
Energetic Education:
   There are easy things that can be done from the level of behavior change, and intention, that can help you to keep your energy clear.  This is a basic hygeine like how we wash our bodies, clothes, cars, houses.  Hilary meets this subject with an uncommon simplicity from being taught by a 7th stage Enlightened Master.  This is a subject which can get infinitely complicated until we are dissolved into Unity from our own obsession with separateness.  Getting ourselves some sage and burning at home, or some selenite crystal, or organite, can be good beginnings to clear energy at home. 
     Educational lectures for groups can also be done, speak with Hilary about what you are looking for.   For Classes about Energy, check the Class Schedule Page.  Hilary does not usually teach the exact kind of energy work she does, out of respect for the power of traditions when they are kept pure.​​​

© 2012 and 2018 by Hilary Jordan

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