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   At a deep level you are a soul, not just a body.  You have a mental body of belief structures.  This is a blueprint that we create, something solid to hold on to, make us individual.  It is a basic script for all of our stories which repeat, played out in this and past lives.  This same script we have been holding on to forever.  It is made up of beliefs which actually resonate at a certain vibration, create and attract behavior and physical matter to us based on that vibration.  It is because of this blueprint that everything that obstructs us, dissatisfies us, or makes us happy exists.  ​

   This mental body creates the emotional body.  Emotions are clustered, sticking to our beliefs, like heart reactions to our perception.  And in turn, beliefs are created to try to avoid "negative" emotions.  The emotional body creates an energetic body, which becomes your physical body, as "waves" become- or look like- "particles".  Physicality can conversely also effect our beliefs.  This body of bodies combines into the collective physical body of everyone on earth, which in turn effects individuals as well. We are all one living organism of moving energy, on top of a deep still silence.  

All of these bodies can be free flowing, effective, efficient; or full of blocks, lumps, or stagnation.  Every layer effects the body directly next to it.  Our mental body moves a lot faster than our physical body, because mind is fluid and can change must faster than matter.  However, for Change of Mind to integrate into Body Matter takes time and space and has to do with how long we believed that belief. 

   The simplistic drawing below represents a person, in layers from subtle to gross.  Our physical body can eventually effect our beliefs, but because it moves slower than the subtler bodies, the faster way to be healthy is to have a healthy mental body  and an emotional body that flows, these are the "root" of the "tree of life".  Getting a physical massage will definitely effect our energetic body, might even effect our emotions, but may not change our beliefs very fast.  Getting energy work will effect our energetic body and physical and emotional bodies, since those sit right next to the energetic body, but it is probably not going to effect our beliefs much.  Therefore, despite energy work like Reiki or Acupuncture, or even clearing of energetic entities with sound healing or ritual, our beliefs will continue to create a certain kind of energy and physiology ultimately, until we clear them. 

   Because of this, techniques which move our emotional body, will effect our beliefs, our energy, and eventually our physical body.  Unfortunately I knew of none of these before I learned Emotional Processing: there are very few techniques which go right to the emotional body.  This is why I feel Emotional Processing is so important. Changing our beliefs will effect all of our bodies, though it will take a month or two to see it in the physical body, faster than trying to change in our beliefs through dieting or exercising. Changing our beliefs and feeling our feelings is the ultimate way to change our body, and our world.  ​Though of course the physical body is our Temple and must not be neglected.


     Disease can be a sign that you have outgrown your life in some way, and are expanding past what you used to believe! This is an empowering view of disease.  Some individuals have worked out much of their physical, energetic, and emotional problems, but are sick as a result of the Karmic Body, which is essentially mental.  These cases can be solved/healed with belief work because it can actuallly CHANGE KARMA! Of course, healthy lifestyle supports all health and in many cases a physical remedy is needed at the same time as working on the root cause of the disease.  That is why a Whole Personalized Health plan is the most prudent thing to do with me first, if you have a disease.  MOST can be healed, eventually, by clearing beliefs, processing emotions effectively, taking in good energy and treating the body as a temple. ​

​​​I used to teach health and spirituality classes. You can check out past classes here that were filmed www.youtube/hilaryhealthelements and join /HilarysElementsofHealth Facebook page and/or check on current classes on the classes page of this website.  I still normally do Yoga and Dance classes, and Druid Rituals.  Anything else can be requested, and even taught at a party!


In your Whole Personalized Health Plan we will look at all of your bodies, supplements and medications, take your pulse, look at your tounge and facek, note your complaints and observations, your Enneagram Personality and birth time for Human Design chart, etc.  We will look at ALL of your patterns. ​​I will use my intuition and we will decide together on a plan of action: what services you need in the future, what lifestyle changes and supplements could help you in future sessions, how often you should come and how many times, and we will address your well-being right away with Sound Healing, Energy Work  and emotional education.    ​

I can empower you to deal with your own health situation, create a plan for regular services and healthy practices at home, but it is your spiritual journey and your health ultimately: commitment to yourself, trust of yourself, along with a sensitivity to what is needed, is the key to Health.  You can trust Hilary to give you intutively the most important thing for you right now. After 3 appointments most people see/feel a real change in themselves, but putting time, money and energy into your own healing is how to permanently change your health and experience of life.  I have had a lot of success with regular appointment clients. Of course, I am not a medical doctor.  


This chart conceived by Hilary K Jordan, and executed by David J Murphy, 2013

© 2012 and 2018 by Hilary Jordan

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