Offerings and Prices

2019 Is a "3" Year in Numerology, meaning Opportunities, Creativity, Expression, Inspiration, fast flow ...



90 MIN OF ANY SERVICE: $135.00

2 HOURS $175.00

New Clients Who Have Never Seen Me Before: Take 20% off of your first session!

Discount Packages:

First visit is 20% off

2 Hour Sessions are normally $160.00

90 Min sessions are normally $125.00

60 min sessions are normally $95.00

To purchase hours in advance and get major discounts!:

Add up hours, when you get past 2

because the 2 hour discount above is 30$ off! 

Add hours at 95$ an hour and then subtract the percentage off

Use these hours however you like, different services take different amounts of time

Pay for 3 hours in advance and get 15% off

  Pay for 4 hours in advance and get 20% off 

Pay for 5 hours in advance and get 25% off

  Pay for 6 hours in advance and get 30% off 


Please note I have a $35 Cancellation/No show/Rescheduling Fee for less than 24 hrs notice!

I can explain why, if you like.  

Spiritual Counseling/Chart Readings/Psychic Readings/Energy Work can be done over the phone, and are in fact very effective that way, my intuition is almost more easy to use this way.

Free 15 minute initial consultation about services is available


If you need a Suggestion: Start with Bodywork, then get a 2 hours chart reading to start seeing your ego self and it's good and bad tendencies.  Then release all ideas by learning  Emotional Processing! which is the crux of all healing and is a spiritual technique which continues to amaze people!   Then consider an Ayurvedic Consultation for physical well-being, and then consider Belief Processing once a month, to see real shift in your life and continued progress toward a more advanced New Earth Human Being!  


Commit to any kind of session Weekly or Monthly, and see how fast your life will change for the better!




Mental Body Health

Psychic Medium Reading: Hilary will channel your guides to answer questions, can be 30 minutes.


Empowerment Process  90 Min, after 1st time.  Please learn Hilary's Emotional Processing Technique prior to this.

Other Belief Work:Wavicle Work, Radical Forgiveness, 1 Hour, usually
2 hr Life Theme Personality Evaluation Reading: Intuitive Reading w/ Human Design, Vedic Astrology, The Enneagram
Manifestations and  Oracle Card Readings: 30 mins
Human Design Reading: 90 min, 2hr
Check Class Schedule Page, contact Hilary about  her Popular Classes in Human Design, The Enneagram, Manifestation, Intuition, Vedic Astrology!


Energy Health

Energy Work / Sound Healing, 1 hr
Energy Work w/ Emotional Processing, 1 hr
Energy Work w/Bodywork, 90 min or 2 hr
Hilary does Diiksha Oneness Blessing, The 7 Sacred Flames, her own Elemental Energy Work, Emotional Processing Energy Work, Voice Sound Healing, Gemstone Healing and Energy Work
 Body Health

1 Hour Hot Stone Young Living Aromatherapy Back Massage, or Relaxing/Therapeutic Hand and Foot Reflexology

1 Hour Ayurvedic Holistic Health Consultation (please bring supplements and medications)

90 Min Bodywork: Therapeutic or Relaxation. Sound Healing, Energy Work, Crystals, Aromatherapy Oils, 7 Different Techniques, Organic Olive Oil, Hot Stones, Intuitively Guide, Intuitive Information if desired

2 Hour Relaxing Therapeutic Bodywork w/ Energy Work, Sound Healing, Aromatherapy, Hot Stones, 7 different techniques, Organic Olive Oil, Crystal/Gemstone Healing, Intutitively Guided, Intuitive Healing Information/Recommendations


Bodywork is recommended once a month by the National Massage Association.  

Whole, Personalized Health Plan

2 Hour Human Design/Ayurvedic Holistic Health Evaluation including intuitive pulse diagnosis, your chart (so bring your birth time and place) and other diagnostic tools to determine what is needed for a health problem, or general health. Overall Perspective (not a requirement) For the beginning of treatment/services 



30  Min Guided Meditation with progressive relaxation

30 Min Intuitive Guidance with Oracle Cards
30 Min  Psychic Reading, channeling your guides
1 Hour Human Design Reading understand how your energy flows with others.  Bring your birth time and palce and a smart phone or recording device.
90 Min Chart Reading 
pick 1 or 2 of Vedic Astrology, Human Design and The Enneagram.  Bring your birth time and place and a smart phone or recording device.

​1hour Creativity Unblocking/Coaching Session: you will get homework

best when done after a 2 hr session for emotional processing + belief process 

90 Min Animal Totem Reading
discover the permanent  animal totems here with you for this lifetime


2 Hour Reading of 3 Charts We will see your life themes through 3 different systems, the Enneagram, Vedic Astrology, and Human Design.  Bring your birth time and place and a smart phone or recording device.

For Druid Rituals or Artist's Way Class, look at Class Schedule or Contact Hilary
Soul Health
Emotional Health
1 hr to be taught  Emotional Processing Technique 
1 hr to continue Emotional Processing Technique
30 Min Sound Healing and Energy Work

Emotional Processing Through Dance

(w studio rental) depends on costs

Check Class Schedule Page,  and Contact Hilary to influence scheduling of  Emotional Healing Classes, Support Groups, and  Emotional Processing Through Dance Clas.   Ask for a free ​Public Educational Lecture on Emotional Health.  



*Hilary charges 35$ as a Cancellation/Rescheduling fee for cancellation or rescheduling of an appointment within 24 hours. The fee will be applied at your next appointment or she will refuse to schedule with you again.  Rescheduling more than 24 hours in advance will not be charged.  If you have a coupon, groupon, living social voucher, and you do not show up (without rescheduling) that groupon or coupon is counted as having been done.
*Hilary is not providing medical evaluation or treatment, nor has she been trained as a doctor.  She was trained in Holistic Health Methodology, Techniques and Massage.  Hilary is also not licensed as a psycho-therapist and is not providing traditional therapy.  She has alternative training with certification in belief and emotional processing, can facilitate energy shifts,  and educate in spirituality.  She cannot take insurance for Therapy and she is no longer taking insurance for Massage either. 
*Hilary has the right to terminate any session immediately if client displays sexual advances or speech.  This includes flirting, asking for dates, sending in-appropriate texts, asking to be friends on facebook.  She is offering her services as a professional, and the professional relationship is the most therapuetic, for your greatest benefit.  She will not be friends on facebook until therapy is over, in order to keep safe boundaries.
*For chart readings you need to bring your birth time to the minute and place you were born, and a recording device which could be your phone.  For Herbal Consults you need to bring the supplements and medication you are taking.
*Energy Work comes with Bodywork unless the client asks not to have it
*Hilary does not do Deep Tissue massage, it scars the body and creates an endorphin cycle, not usually solving the problem and can actually overload organs and bloodstream.  Hilary does Myofascial massage as a soft tissue therapy, which is either moderate or deep pressure but very slow and stretches out connective tissue.  Or Shiatsu as a deep/fast energy clearing.  Myofascial feels different at first, but most people like it and become very relaxed. It continues to unravel tissue for up to 48 hours.
*Check out Hilary's Health Model on the Home page and mental health page to understand her philosophy of treatment.

© 2012 and 2018 by Hilary Jordan

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