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Happy Beltaine


Collective Health

​For Collective Health Hilary offers:
Belief Processing: By changing our beliefs we help to change everyone's beliefs, working toward a more healthy collective.   This is more important than is immediately obvious.


Group Druid Rituals to Celebrate the season:  in a group these have collective effect, each of the 8 seasonal holidays has a different function for our consciousness and lives.  
She has studied with the Order Of Bards Ovates and Druids.  She has experience officiating.

Rites of Passage: She is Universal Life Church ordained and loves to speak at weddings and funerals,  and would love to do Druid Child Blessings (in place of Baptism)


       For a healthier collective body we have to start working as a society toward using only sustainable green technology that works, to eliminate toxins in the environment that make people sick, preserve eco systems, etc. Hilary has friends who work in areas of Sustainabiltiy, City Planning, Collective Health and can refer clients who are interested in making their lives more healthy in this way.
Whole Health Consultation: As well Hilary advocates Orgone technology and orgonite, certain crystals like shungite and more, as well as overall herbal and nutrient supplementation for all people on earth, because we are exposed to the toxins in the environment.  She can go into more detail on this at Ayurveda class or in a Holistic Ayurvedic Consultation or a Whole Health Consultation. 


                  Sensitive individuals may be more susceptible to the collective body's health (which has a lot of problems!).  People can become sick because of this collective body (because the collective body is right next to the physical body (see chart in Whole Personalized Health Plan).  They are effected by environmental toxins, unfelt feelings, and collective health habits. Many thyroids stopped functioining correctly within a year of the Fukishima nuclear disaster.  Because the physical body is right next to the collective body, it is incredibly important to take care of the physical body with sustainable physical therapies, to eat healthy green food and to exercise.  
Many in the "spiritual" community do not pay enough attention to their physical bodies and can even look sick, though they meditate a lot.  At the same time, many of the Yoga crowd would probably benefit from some stillness and emotional release.  Because the Energetic Body is right next to the physical, which is next to the Collective, sensitive people need energetic or physical boundaries between them and other people and environmental toxins.  
Our physical body is created by our mental and emotional bodies, so real protection from the Collective is to make sure that our beliefs are healthy, that our emotions are felt and released, our heart is honored, we are doing what we are here to do, and that we are in integrity with our desires and the nature of our soul.  The emotional toxins in the world environment are directly correlated to the physical environmental toxins, everything is hollographic and archetypal.  It is obvious that the individuals who get sick due to collective problems are supposed to be catalysts for change in society, examples.  They don't have to be martyr's though, they can be healthy and independent if they change their beliefs, work on the health of all bodies, and speak out by educating others on what is making them sick and what the implications are for society. 
There is nothing that is not within our power if we want it.  Victim mentality is widespread but ultimately untrue. It is easy to feel like a victim in this world, until we realize that everything is a reflection of us and that we create our reality.  Deep down, there are usually parts of us that don't understand this and need to feel the light of our own consciousness in order to release the victim story. 
It is important that sensitive individuals go toward healthy organic food instead of the collective norm, although it is quickly becoming a more urgent need for all people.  We all have the potential to be examples for positivity, instead of reinforcing the collective disease that creates sickness.  We need to permanently allign our spiritual, mental and emotional bodies with what is ACTUALLY sustainable for the collective!

Photo by Jared Brown

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