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Watch a sample class!

Class Testimonials:

"I learned a ton and plan on going to the next level class soon" Mark, Grass Valley

"I had a great time at the Ritual, can't wait to do another one.  Thanks Hilary" Erin, Auburn Ca

"Very informative, lots of comraderie, I enjoyed the workshop.  Thank you Hilary" Barbara, Auburn

"I love your endless insights and new material" Ben, Sacramento

"Hilary is knowledgeable and mindful when speaking to the level of her audience.  It was friendly and supportive of understanding our similar experiences" Linda, Sacramento

"I find you to be an amazing dancer, and a very skilled and natural teacher!"Cynthia, Grass Valley

  • Hilary currently teaches Adult Zoom Ballet Barre 10:00am-11:15am Saturday, 

  • Yoga 6:30pm Wednesday and 7:00pm Thursday on Zoom

  • Sarah teaches 5:45pm Yoga on Zoom

  • Please text me at 530-210-6592 to invite me to teach an aerobics class on Zoom, a  Workshop (Like Human Design or The Enneagram) or to get Zoom links   

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