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Mental Body Health

"Hilary is a gifted dancer and has experience in many modalities of massage , human design, and a very unique process of belief work. I wanted to remove blocks of unresolved issues. I put myself out there, it was so raw, and alot of pain came through. It integrated. I spent two full days bringing these issues to light. I got information from my higher self about this vulnerability. This work I did on myself would go into a book that matched the pictures I've painted over last two years and help a child, or woman, or anyone. .. I feel so blessed that Hilary has resonated with all that I healed...Hilary Jorden is highly recommended. Hilarys services are very generous and she is committed to you fully. It is amazing how much room we have when we let go of our s---."      Stephanie, Antelope, California


​"I felt a positive shift! Thank You!", Marcella, S.F. CA


           Deep Health is Mental Body Health, it is at the basis of the physical body, where we unconsciously decide what we areMental Body Health means becoming aware of who we truly are, and what patterns we are repeating which are ultimately limiting.  If we release those beliefs that keep us in those patterns, this creates a spontaneous release of emotional blocks, energetic blocks, and physical blocks, and eventually changes even the Collective! It is amazing what kind of life you can have, once room is created where these beliefs used to be!  Deep health is loving ourselves, being open and receiving, integrating, being present.  We stop living in the past and in the future! 



              Mental Body health includes education about our personality:


Human Design, Vedic Astrology, The Enneagram are systems to learn about our personality so that we know what kind of practices are good to balance our tendencies, what our energy is like in interaction with others, our basic desires and fears and our divine life job, and we can stop wasting energy where we don't need to.

Meditation, Visualization, Affirmations, Vision Boards, Manifestation are all part of Mental Body Health.  


Belief  Processing is probably the most powerful of all of these techniques. Hilary usually uses Janet Swartz's "The Empowerment Process" to facillitate an energetic shift, sometimes also Rory Goff's "Wavicle Work", (along with her Emotional Processing Technique which needs to be learned first).

Hilary does Belief processes

over the phone

*not currently in person

    Clients regularly report positive, life-changing experiences and new states of consciousness, and getting what they desired.  More importantly, they change, not just their life changes.  In order to change your life, you have to change.  Belief processing changes the hard-wired mental body structure that we got in childhood, past lives, from our families, society, ancestors (it is in our DNA! They have shown that we can change our DNA). In ultimate Enlightenment, we would have no beliefs or concepts, be completely open to God/Goddess/Source/Unity/Spirit/Higher Self, the present moment, true happiness. Belief work changes our Karma by eliminating mental structures.  

​Picture by Dimitri Lembreas

Picture by Hilary Jordan

Picture by Hilary Jordan

Hilary's Human Design Chart


     ​             Belief Processes stimulate change in first the Mental Body, then the Emotional Body, then the Energetic Body and then the Physical.  If there is not research "proving" this scientifically yet, there will be. The Mental Body moves faster than the other bodies.  After being facilitated in a process, we see change tangibly in feeling of our physical body, in a matter of months.  

Doing a physical therapy or changing a diet could take a decade or so to effect the Emotional and Mental Bodies.

        If we are to do belief processes we need to address the emotional body as well.  Within the first day to a week after we do a process, feelings that were attached to the belief, will be triggered by the environment and old way of living.  The belief has been understood, and starts to unravel.

         This last "test". is why I teach Emotional Processing before doing a belief process. You are then prepared, all you have to do is your simple homework when feelings come up.  We were not taught as children to effectively handle emotion.   For more on this look at the next page "Emotional Health and Emotional Processing".  This is a kind of spiritual practice.  It is called a practice because it shows more results, the more we practice.

Hilary will use The Empowerment Process, Wavicle Work, Radical Forgiveness, Byron Katie's "The Work" or EFT  Tapping (most likely the first one unless you request something else) with her intuition, Emotional Processing, and spiritual education to help unravel your unhelpful beliefs.
MANIFESTATION: What you saw in the movie "The Secret" is true, kind of.  This technique can help you have what you want in life, as long as you are willing to feel through personal blocks to having it.  
HUMAN DESIGN is a system, not unlike Astrology, cognized by a guy named Ra Uru Hu, who had an encounter with "a voice" in the 1980s.  It combines the Kabbalah, Astrology, The I Ching, The Chakra system for a specialized understanding of energy.  It is another way for us to become aware of our selves and specifically how our energy flows with others.  It comments on the basic energetic level of life more than Astrology does.  As a "Projector" (chart to the left), no other system ever explained why I needed to be "invited" (a "strategy").  This service is my own interpretation of this system based on 10 years of studying and intuitive exploration.   I have a deep understanding of the basics of Type, Strategy, Not-Self Theme, Energy Centers, Interactions between types.  I am not an in-depth detail reader or predictor, I don't  go much into gates or keys or moon phases usually.  Knowledge of these can help you live more effectively, without coming up against resistance! Your chart is determined by your birth time/date/place, can be found at
This is a full 2.5 hour educational service, to help us to become aware of our patterns.
*Vedic Astrology
*The Enneagram
*Human Design
and intuition, to help you find the themes in your life, the direction of Integration as well as the direction of Disintegration.  This can help determine our soul's purpose in this life.  Hilary does not make predictions, or name specific jobs, individuals or exact dates. This service is a guiding light for deep archetypal understanding of personality, purpose, direction of growth. No reading can substitute for a sustainable lifestyle, or permanently change our beliefs.  This is a fun reading for both me and the recipient usually, with 3 systems we find that our life's themes are unmistakable and repeated.  Be ready to dive deeply into learning who you are! When babies are born I can do readings on their Vedic Astro and Human Design which is about 90 mins as a service, I cannot look at their Enneagram yet because they have not formed a personality yet!
THE ENNEAGRAM: Is An ancient 9 pointed sacred geometry star, which gave birth to a personality system that famous mystics and many psychologists now use.  This is not based on when you were born, but you have to take a test to help me determine which type you are.  The Enneagram can help us to understand our ego and take constructive feedback.  It can be very useful to know what our basic desire and basic fear are.  This is helps us to be more vulnerable, aware, expand, and know which direction is stress for us.   
VEDIC ASTROLOGY: I was trained in it for about 3 years as part of the TM Movement.  I am not an Astrologer, but I do a really good basic reading.  A basic reading is part of the Personality Evaluation.  I teach a Basic Vedic Astrology Workshop about signs, planets, houses, dashas, exhaltation and debilitation.  Vedic Astrology has many similarities to Western, only it is based on where the planets were actually in the sky when you were born, not just on the calendar.... Your Vedic Astrology chart looks different than your western chart.  Your rising sign is the most important sign in Vedic (Jyotish), which is different than your western sun sign.  Your sun and moon will be different than Western Astro by one sign usually, and Vedic Astro can tell you what planetary period you are in (also called Dasha), and what your nodes of the moon placement mean.  
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